Author Topic: Met my fiancee through WoW  (Read 249 times)


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Met my fiancee through WoW
« on: November 26, 2020, 05:14:12 AM »
That is a great story. Are U still horde in Classic wow gold? It's good that U can play together with your spouse.You seethis is what games shine at. Having this strategy irl would likely earn you a controlling order whereas in WoW it's just cute:-RRB-.

Congratulations! I wish I can draw.

Grats man! Met my fiancee through WoW and was lucky enough to make the move before the lockdown.

 You attracted the characters with character and personality. You attracted her as everything you see as and I think that's beautiful and that you did an Extraordinary husband and I will be together 12+ years today after meeting on WoWThe point of this fast patch is so people can dismiss it for a week while each of the griefers waste their time and eventually get bored with it.Then you can ultimately go there and get it done.

It is okay, the people who do so daily have mental illnesses that prevent them from Cheap wow classic gold focusing on one thing for too long, they will get distracted with something else long before you need to turn in the pursuit.

With this being available beforehand, it will still be a war zone/disaster area as everyone flooding LHC to try and pick up that. If they don't, they will be able to flip in any T3 pieces or find the followup frost withstand ring/pants quests until week 2/3.