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With double the nba 2k21 mt coins
« on: October 30, 2020, 05:26:48 AM »
Sure, it's easy to say that today. But what if Hollow Knight had dropped at $60, even with double the nba 2k21 mt coins material it's now. Or even at $30 with all the material it currently has?

There could have been a huge outrage online and it might have sold extremely poorly. But that model is done.

Nobody is going to pay whole price for games like this anymore, as sad as this is. Games like it are now sadly forced to be generated through indie development or otherwise just never exist.

Want a recent example? Bloodstained. A match that mostly did fairly well and didn't disappoint. Yet the general consensus for it was that it's original asking price (and current non-sale cost ) of 40 has been mostly seen as overly expensive.

When? I am too young to know, however, Hollow Knight was created by 2 people and it had been kickstarted. Even 20 years ago I doubt you could consider this AAA release beyond its robust amount of content and polished gameplay.

Desire a current example? Bloodstained. A match that mostly did fairly well and did not disappoint. Yet the overall consensus for this was that it is first asking price You left out the part where Bloodstained developers promised a Shoot ton of articles and attributes (like co-op) and never delivered on nearly all of them.

That does not leave a good impression and hurts your own brand in the long run. Their game sold quite well, but if they'd been honest from the start or asked for a lower asking price the buy Nba 2k21 Mt match could have ended up more popular, which might mean greater sales.


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Re: With double the nba 2k21 mt coins
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2021, 06:24:22 PM »
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