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Tea House Persephone / This is a frequent complaint about the sport
« on: October 12, 2020, 06:47:02 AM »

Most folks who do barrows are reduced lvl then that, obviously with worse analytics and are doing it for money. I have completed barrows a lot over the previous 9 months of enjoying. I have fine melee stats and OSRS gold fine mage stats. I like melee. I take 3 p pots and 1 super set. I will do 3-5 chests based on the way the brothers hit. With slayer dart I will only do about 2 maybe 3 if I am blessed. I have tested this with my own char. Might not be true for many others.

Now the other thing is, why is it believed that veracs is the only"worthwhile" melee method? I've done barrows using a bgs and a whip+shield. They both work a lot better then when I tried it with veracs. I hardly got through one trip together with the slow attack rate and low strikes.

This is a common complaint about RuneScape

Let's look at what a couple players had to say..."An alliance could repeatedly attack another player, destroying their gambling experience and I don't think that is fair." Yes, it is true. New players have seven days after joining to build up their cities, however unless they push themselves and find their way to a potent alliance, they easily become prey for stronger and more experienced players and alliances. "Just as with other similar games, it becomes a chore to play with and upgrade everything. Progress is slow and there's nothing to actually do with what you gather."

This is a frequent complaint about the sport. To be able to keep up with your neighbors, you need to check through the day to maintain updating your town, military, protection, ect. If you leave it for so long, you waste time and your town sits their essentially doing nothing, just waiting to be attacked. I'll only let my buddy Max explain it better:"The actual gameplay is made for buy osrs gold safe hardcore gamers because you have to login throughout the day. You do not need to be on every waking minute, but you need to be on this game some part of everyday to keep up with anyone else who's aggressive. The best scores feel as though they are purely reserved for those paying and playing all day ."

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