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Offline errors in Epson printer signifies that there could be some network related issues in the printer or the printer is not configured properly in your computer. If your Epson printer shows offline error while printing then there could be multiple reasons causing an error such as a printer is not set as a default device, you might be using an outdated Epson printer driver, or you might have mistakenly selected the use printer offline option. The following are the steps to help you fix an offline issue in the Epson printer.
Step 1. Ensure that the printer connections are appropriate. You may verify them by physically reconnecting them again to the respective slots.
Step 2. The next solution is to select the use printer online option in the Control Panel. For that, you will have to go to the settings > devices and printers.
Now right-click on Epson printer and click see what’s printing.
Now click the printer tab and select the use printer online option.
Step 3. In case the above two solutions do not resolve the problem then you must reinstall the Epson printer. For that, firstly you will need to uninstall the printer from your system, navigate to the Epson website and reinstall the printer using on-screen instructions.

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