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Tea House Persephone / It's rarely Utilised in RuneScape
« on: October 10, 2020, 09:00:29 AM »
Smithing. An obvious one to get raised, because of Dragon. Jagex has hinted that Dragon Ore might be released. From the Q&A where they were asked about it, they did not provide a direct answer, but did state that the protectors of the ore might not be happy. This is a reference to OSRS gold the Dragonkin, most likely, but I am getting off subject. Dragon material isalso present, very rare. Why? It is not because it is feeble; currently, I wear rune, and would love to have full Dragon even though I could put on Barrows. Aside from certain weapons and the boots, it is rarely used in the game simply because in the time it has taken Jagex to release all of it (and have they released it ) , better armors have come out, for example Barrows, and today we've got Bandos equipment that does not degrade. Making Dragon smithable would raise the amount, thus lowering the price and making it more ordinary.

Crafting. At first, I realised that this didn't need to expand upward, since all of the significant Ranging armor fits in nicely, and we really do not require new D'hide stuff. Then I realized that I was overlooking something: Magic. In Dungeoneering and Stealing Creation, we could use Crafting to make Magic robes. Currently, we can simply craft Battlestaves, which are basically useless as weapons. And Magic could definitely use a new armor. To place Magic to the Combat Triangle, we would have to add some actual defense against melee that is lacking today. The only piece of Magic Armor that features defense is the Arcane Spirit Shield. I realize the basic Mage armor is robes, but it's not merely robes. It is magical robes. Surely a mage could enchant his robes to block melee attacks? If you can stop an entire individual from moving through Bind spells, surely you may prevent their weapon from cutting you? If Crafting were enlarged upwards, perhaps at higher levels, you can make special Mage robes, and then enchant them through Runecrafting or Magic.

Structure. I can not think of anything Jagex could add to justify sending the level to 120, but the ability is complete. There is stuff you unlock in the 90s, so if they would like to include Mithril Dragons to your POH, a larder that has even more ingredients and let's you draw them faster, or even a telescope that is slightly more precise telling you about Shooting Stars, they might increase the cap.

Herblore. I'm pretty sure this won't get raised, as Extreme Potions are true to their names, and we don't require anything more powerful. Should they opt to bring a Saradomin Elixir (Saradomin Brew + something else, heals over Saradomin Brew and does not lower stats)they have space for this. Doesn't need to be raised, as there is nothing to fill the distance. Combat. Oh boy. I might forgive, and possibly if I'm impressed, applaud Jagex for raising Constitution, Prayer, and Summoning to 120 to cheap RuneScape gold add new content, but melee is strong enough, and when they increase Magic or even Ranging, they might need to perform melee too. Can Jagex increase the cap on other skills? Should they?

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